Original Artworks

Tracey’s art speaks of light and shade with a sublime use of colour. This is evident across the number of mediums she works with - from radiant watercolours to boldly graphic acrylics, finely detailed botanicals, works using driftwood and relief woodcarvings. Her artwork has been used in many fields, from postage stamp designs and book illustrations to designs in architecture.

This gallery showcases her latest artworks, to view the images larger and for prices and details of the works please click on the image.

If you require more information or would like to purchase, please get in touch with Tracey via the contact page.

‘St. Ayles Skiff’

‘Lighter at the Crankmill’


‘Retired Lighter’

‘The Guardhouse’

‘Retired Lighter II’

‘Unloading the Norfolk Guardian’

‘Tender of Friendly Light’

‘Poster Girl’

‘Noosa Plywood’

‘Show Classic’


‘Queenstown Dinghy’

‘Watson’s Bay Clinker’

‘Eastern Wedding Cake Lighthouse’

‘Lighter No. 12’

‘Lighter No. 2’

‘Manly Nets’

‘Fishing Float’